My name is Bushy and I am a mix engineer based in Galway, Ireland. I am a musician first and foremost, having played both guitar and bass, as well as even drums, for a number of bands over many years. I have written, recorded and released my own music and have built up a great deal of expertise in the art of mixing.

I have a particular affinity for 'bedroom warriors', independant artists who prefer to home-record and who are largely suspicious of recording their work in traditional studios. In these more pressurised enviroments, money issues typically distract from the peace and quiet necessary for good, honest recordings. Indeed, I believe it is a challenge to mix music which has been recorded by non-traditional methods, and of course, in this day and age, so many artists are opting for this approach.

However, mixing such material is a somewhat different matter. It is one thing to home-record: it is another thing to mix it all together into a coherent listening experience for both you and your intended audience. To that end, therefore, due to the limitations on digital recording and distribution, the mixes must also comply to strict criteria. As I have taken this recording route myself I have gained the required level of expertise to help you achieve these outcomes for your art.