Mastering Service

Mastering is the final process which recorded material goes through before it goes out into the world. This involves making the track(s) suitable for all forms of music players, from vinyl to MP3 downloads. Whilst many artists would consider mixing their own recordings, normally they leave any mastering to a bona fide mastering engineer because the skill sets involved are usually quite different, and in some cases critically so. Also, the facilities and technology used by the mastering engineer, both in the digital and analog domain, are usually state of the art and help to add a certain amount of finesse to the track. Finally, mastering engineers are usually the people who send the work on for distribution.

However, excellent mastering can be achieved without access to all of the above mentioned technology if the engineer knows what he/she is doing. KALM offers mastering as a service for those who wish to avail of it. While it must be stressed that KALM is not a mastering house per se, it can master to a very high standard, and set the tracks to fall in behind the limitations of modern digital audio. KALM will also only master tracks to be returned to the artist and will not get involved with any distribution or the embedding of meta-data in the tracks. KALM will not master for vinyl either as this is super specialised anyway.

Some of the tracks on this site, and which will be on this site, have been mastered at KALM. The most recent is the latest release from Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, 'The Statue of the Hunter is Lost at Sea'. Please take a listen and decide for yourself if you'd like the same service. The choice is yours and the line is open for any more information.